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Abu Dhabi's wealth in oil has resulted in the most splendid city, where skyscrapers reach for the sky and hotels are over-the-top, overwhelmingly luxurious. Home to The Louvre, Ferrari World, the Guggenheim museum, and countless other attractions, Abu Dhabi is a new star in tourism. Experience the exquisite place where luxury is the norm. One of the most modern cities in the world, it has many historical landmarks which reflect the local history, culture and traditions interspersed with architectural structures like new-aged buildings and skyscrapers, some are the finest to be found in the Middle East.

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1001 Events Abu Dhabi
Office 28 & 29, First Floor
ADNEC, P.O. Box: 95001
Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates
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1001 Events Abu Dhabi - With our own offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Oman, we are a trustworthy partner. We are true professionals, and fully dedicate ourselves to offer you and your clients the best proposals, excellent operations and care. We are experts in providing MICE and leisure in Abu Dhabi.

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Travel facts Abu Dhabi

Currency Dirham
Language Arabic and English
Local time GMT (London) +4.00hours
Public holidays Public holidays Abu Dhabi link
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Travel to Abu Dhabi

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